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Automated Valves with Flushed Bellows Type 11.3 Prin

Pneumatic actuated bellows sealed globe valve with safety gland packing in straight type, y-type or corner-type; with flanges or buttweld ends; can be supplied in carbon steel 1.0619 / WCB, stainless steel 1.4408 / CF8M, low temperature carbon steel 1.6220 / LCB / LCC and special materials.


For different kind of medium with inflammable, explosive, volatile, toxic or aggressive characteristics, whose delivery must be prevented into the atmosphere. Design in accordance with the Federal Emmission Protection law.


Design features
  • Coupled stem with bellows anti-torque device and position indicator
  • Full size safety gland packing made of pure graphite; can also be supplied in PTFE on request
  • Metal back seat with stroke limiter in open position and bellows anti-vibration device
  • Multiple wall, fully flushed stainless steel bellows, secured against torsion, designed for 10.000 cycles; fully welded
  • Stainless steel camprofiled bonnet gasket coated by pure graphite, mounted in tongue and grooved bonnet flanges
  • Conical shaped plug made of hardened chromium steel 1.4021 / AISI 420 or armoured with stellite 6; body seat hardfaced with stainless steel 1.4370 / AISI 420 or stellite 21
  • Bonnet design DN 15-125 / 1/2”- 5” with yoke; from DN 150 / 6” and above with column and mounting flange; stem from DN 250 / 10” and above provided with an additional guide sleeve
  • Fitted with pneumatic diaphragm actuator; operating spring closing or spring opening or double acting
  • Necessary signal pressure 4 bar / 60 psi, max. 6 bar / 90 psi; max. differential pressure 6 bar / 90 psi; higher differential pressures on request
  • Seat leakage acc. EN 60534 leakage class IV; higher leakage classes can be reached by use of a soft seat valve disc