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Cast Iron Gate Valves3

Cast Iron Gate Valves are available with flange connection, welding ends, or threaded ends in wedge type or oval body.

Number 910

Gate valves acc. to DIN 3352 part 2
  • Flanged connection acc. to DIN 2532 PN 10
  • Inside stem screw, non-rising stem, and handwheel, solid wedge, body and wedge seat made of brass or rustproof stainless steel
  • Face-to-face dimensions acc. to DIN EN 558-1, series 14, sealing surface acc. to DIN 2526 form C


Number 930

Gate valves acc. to DIN 3352 part 2 PN 16/10
  • Inside stem screw, non-rising hand wheel, and non-rising stem or
  • Outside stem screw, with non-rising handwheel and rising stem
  • Flange dimensions and drillings acc. to DIN
  • Face-to-face dimension acc. to DIN EN 558-1 series 15