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Engraving And Milling center

1. the field of application
It has the characteristics of simple operation, high processing precision, fast speed, stable performance and small volume. It is especially suitable for cutting, contouring, opening, slotting, drilling and chamfering of glass panels. It can be processed by double spindle design. The efficiency is significantly improved. It can provide users with the necessary configuration options, as well as provide a high-quality, efficient multi-machine cluster system solution.
The high-light engraving and milling machine series is suitable for the chamfering of the surface of the outer casing of mobile phones, MP3, MP4, etc. It has the characteristics of high spindle speed and small vibration. The machine structure has been further optimized, the structure of the Z-axis has been improved, the processing rigidity of the machine tool has been effectively improved, the new appearance has been incorporated, and the humanized design and environmental protection elements have been incorporated to improve the rationality and comfort of man-machine operation.


2. the machine features
① Integral casting body, quenching aging treatment, precision grinding machine track processing to ensure mechanical precision;
② Fully enclosed cover, external circulation type cutting fluid processing method, equipped with slag collection box to ensure clean and tidy processing site;
③ Integrated control cabinet, computer and control box integrated operation, convenient and fast;
④ The X, Y and Z axes adopt high-precision imported rectangular linear guide rails, which have super load bearing capacity and high rapid displacement positioning accuracy;
⑤ High-precision grinding ball screw, high transmission precision, can ensure small mechanical error for a long time;
⑥ High-precision coupling, no slip on high speed and high torque;
⑦ High-precision, high-sensitivity automatic tool setting instrument ensures automatic tool length compensation and ensures machining accuracy;
⑧ User-friendly control of the handwheel for easy operation;
⑨ The bed's independent lubrication system is designed to ensure the durability of moving parts;
⑩ Grease concentrates the recovery structure to ensure complete separation and recovery of grease and cutting fluid
⑪ High performance motion control system with stable operation and high precision;
⑫ Internal circulation water-cooled spindle device, external circulation tool cooling device;
⑬ Precision ER series elastic chuck with high precision and small yaw;
⑭ It is equipped with a special water cooler and is fully sealed. Dust and other debris cannot enter the cooling circulation system and is durable;
⑮ All processed parts are processed by high-precision grinding with high precision and no deformation;
⑯ The control cabinet is fully sealed, dust and moisture are completely isolated, and the computer system and circuit parts are kept dry and dust-free, and durable.


Metal, Glass, Aluminum, Acrylic, Graphite, Ceram,etc
Working Area
Spindle Power
Spindle Speed
Spindle Clamp Size
φ3.175 φ4 φ6
Moving Processing Accuracy
Repeatability Positioning Accuracy
Max Moving Speed
Max Machining Speed
Lubrication System
Automatic Oil Feeding
Spindle Cooling System
Drive System
Servo Motor and Driver
Machine Bed Material