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Industrial Elastomer Diaphragms

Elastomer diaphragms consist of layers of proprietary blended elastomer vulcanised with high strength reinforcement, optimising mechanical strength in the finished one-piece design.


Saunders® has front to back ownership of all phases of diaphragm development and manufacture; all aspects of Saunders® diaphragms have been designed, tested and optimised, by Saunders®' team of in-house polymer technologists, to provide the highest level of in-service performance.



Features & Benefits

  • Available in weir style, sizes DN8-DN350 (¼"-14"), and straight through style, sizes DN15-DN350 (½" - 14")
  • In-house expertise in polymer science assures reliability and repeatable performance the most challenging of services
  • Sealing beads on the diaphragm's wetted face ensures leak tight sealing and a lower closure torque
  • Optimum selection can be determined according to specific operating conditions and chemical characteristics of the line media
  • Vacuum grades available on request