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Industrial PTFE Diaphragms

Industrial PTFE diaphragms are a robust two piece leaf type design incorporating a virgin PTFE wetted face with a fabric reinforced elastomer support backing.
Saunders® has front to back ownership of all phases of diaphragm development and manufacture; all aspects of Saunders® diaphragms have been designed, tested and optimized, by Saunders®' team of in-house polymer technologists, to provide the highest level of in-service performance.



Features and Benefits

  • Available for weir style valves only
  • Bayonet style attachment minimises any possibility of point loading and facilitates ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Elastomer backing cushion minimises mechanical stress effects and provides structural support at higher temperatures
  • virgin PTFE product contact face demonstrates excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for use on wide range of highly corrosive media
  • Optimum selection can be determined according to specific operating conditions and chemical characteristics of the line media