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Lined Check Valves

Vertical & Horizontal Poppet-Type Check Valves are plastic-lined for handling corrosives and high-purity fluids. They are extremely effective in preventing back-pressure or backflow, feature a low 0.5 psi (0.03 bar) cracking pressure differential, and are capable of handling pressures to 275 psi (19 bar). Liner materials of polypropylene resin, PVDF resin, or PFA resin are available, depending on the valve size and type. 


Full size ports for maximum capacity 


Resistoflex Check Valves, available in 1” through 8” sizes, have full pipe diameter ports and provide minimal obstruction in the flow path. The poppet-type design of the vertical check valves eliminates problems that occur in some check valves with pockets that can trap fluid. 


Practically maintenance-free 


Since Resistoflex Check Valves have only one moving part, they are less likely to need maintenance. Because every surface in contact with the fluid is made of or covered with a thick layer of plastic, corrosion and contamination are vitually eliminated.