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Metal Seated Ball Valves

Metal Seated Ball Valves are ideal for the refining, power generation, and oil and gas industries.
Metal Seated Ball Valve’s ball and seat are machined to such precise tolerances that ball and seat lapping does not have to be performed individually for each valve – making both the ball and seat freely interchangeable (if equal in nominal size). Its trunnion-mounted ball design offers a polygon stem-to-ball connection, which reduces stress and ensures optimal torque transmission. An additional feature is its self-cleaning system which removes excess particles, minimizes leakage, and extends product life. Other key options include a fire-safe design body gasket and removable hand lever. To ensure that the Metal Seated Ball Valve meets the considerably higher benchmark of leak protection required for Isolation service, it is typically tested for 60 minutes at 300 psig Nitrogen with a permissible leakage rate of level VI (versus the standard test API 598 of 2 minutes at 70 psig under identical conditions).



  • ASME sizes: ½” to 16” 
  • Pressure Class 150 to Class 4500
  • Full or reduced port
  • 2-Piece design, Carbon or stainless steel 
  • Fire Rated to API-607, Exxon and TUV
  • Bubble tight functionality