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Model 770 Ball Check Valve


Prevention of Backflow

Model 770 Ball Check Valve prevents reverse flow in highly corrosive or ultra pure processes and its reliable design eliminates the need for expensive lined valves, actuators and an outside power source.

Simple Operation

During normal flow, Model 770 Ball Check Valve allows fluids to flow with minimal pressure drop and its thick plastic liner constructions resist corrosion and potential permeation.

Versatile Installation

Model 770 Ball Check Valve can be installed at any angle within a piping system and its short face-to-face dimension allows installation where space is tight.


Variety of Sizes and Liner Materials

Model 770 Ball Check Valves are available with PFA, PVDF and PPL plastic liners. The valve body is constructed of cast ductile iron wit zinc-plated steel studs and nuts with 150# ANSI bolt pattern.