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Pressure Seal Cast Tilting Disc Check Valves

Highly Efficient
The Valve tilting disc check valve uses gravity to rapidly close the disc upon reversal of flow. Unlike most other tilting disc check valves which must swing through a 90° arc, the Pacific Valve design fully opens or closes through an arc of only 45°.


This short-arc coupled with the low pendulum effect achieved by pivoting the disc through a point near its center of gravity assures rapid closure. 


Tight Shutoff
Conical seating at an angle to flow is self-aligning, tight and always closed in a no-flow situation. Even in vertical (flow-up) pipe runs, this valve provides exceptionally tight shutoff. 


Long Life
Hard faced seating surfaces, large diameter hinge pins, and corrosion resistant bearing surfaces help lengthen operating life in tough surfaces. There are no springs to break or bind. A positive internal disc stop prevents flutter.


Internal Disc Hanger
Provides adjustable alignment and eliminates body wall penetrations. The unique Pacific Valve tilting disc check valve internal disc hanger not only eliminates potential leakage through external hinge pins, but because the hanger shelf is machined parallel to the seating surface, it allows adjustment of the disc/seat if seat repair is ever required. By adding or removing precision stainless steel spacers between hanger and shelf, the disc can be “dropped” into the body so as to provide perfect alignment and shutoff. No other design offers this combination of features.